Reception Security

The external image of your company is just as
important as the internal mechanisms that drive it. Presentation is a key for us as well and
TSG plc officers and carefully chosen to fit into the environment they work in. Each officer is screened
and trained to BS7858 to ensure that your customers are received with the utmost respect and curteousness they
deserve; and simultaneously to make sure your business is secure.

Our Specialist officers perform a dual role,
one as a security pressenceand the others as a business support function by answering telephones, signing in
guests and maintaining control of access to the building. All this done from your reception area.
TSG plc offers are carefully chosen to it fit in the evironemnt they work in.

Static Security

TSG plc has many year of eperince in supplying proffesional
static guards and can offer your business the bset level of protection with world class static guarding services: which can be
tailored to meet your specialised security needs. has proven expertise in effectively guarding campanies and buisnesses fom all
types of threats. Our standards of professionalism are unmatched in the security industry. Static guards from are courageous, Courteous, and thoroughly commited to their business of guarding. You will find them professional, proactive and thorough in their approach.

All our static guards are accredited to set SIA standard and fully trained with skills to handle
any incident effectively. They are ever vigilant, dependable, disciplined, and well prepared. And they will respond quickly with the correct security solutions in any situation. Every time you can count on them.

Store Detectives

Store Detectives are top of the pile when it comes to retail security. The Store Detective works actively together with the store Manager to prevent theft from customers and also from stall.

Not all shoplifters when approche with respond positively
ad return store. Therefore, we believe our store detectives will provide you with the service you require, as they are trained
in conflict managment and incident reporting (logs, time/date etc). We can provide instant assistance and response should any such worker find themselves in a situation where they need help. This is in compliance with the Health and Satetly Act of 1974 where we as employers have a duty of care fo our pssines..

Retail Security

TSG plc is find tuned to matchyourRetail Security we ensure our security officers are perfectly and fit seamlessly within it to provies a professencethen is strong and complementory to the imagine you portray. TSG plc are flexible in the retail security services we provide. From regular security checks to the monitoring of CCTV systems. In addition our Retail Security Officers can take responsibility for opening and closing property at the start and end of each working day, whilst ensuring that brings a safe and depndable presense that brings peace of mind a you and your staff.

Car Park Management

We can provide a flexible presense at Our customers’ business premises car park, or at any corporate events. This presense can be high or low is dependent on the need of ourhigh or low is dependent on the needs of our customers. Our car park security can also vet all visitors before allowing them to park their vehicle. This will deter people from attempting to steal or vandalise vehicles.

We at TSG plc can offer on-site or mobile Parking officers to patrol your cark part(s) at set or random times to assess whether unauthroised parking is taking place.

Mobile Patrols

We at TSG plc understand that visibility is paramount, so when our mobile security supervisor arrives on-site each day they
will be fully uniformed and in a marked patrol vehicle. Understanding that poten-tial intruders often take advantage of larger areas, with this package TSG plc officers can provide coverage for greater areas at excellent value for money. Cover-ing restricted views such as warehouses to open areas like parks and school; through to those considered too risky to monitor on foot, no task is too much for TSG plc. Our flexible approach and exper-tise in this industry ensures we can deliver extensively planned services to meet your Experienced, SIA Licensed fully trained security officers will strategically patrol your permises througout the day and night in a high visibility security vehicle. All patrols are logged and monitored by a 24 hour control room containing the latest electornic devices at all sites which gives your peace of mind that your property is in
sasfe hands.

Construction Security

TSG plc can ensure that your site will remain protected. We use only fully accredited SIA staff to provide you with the best security solutions. Security for construction sites is vitally important; with valuable assets on site it is important the
security system in place is of high quality. At TSG plc we operate a rigorous vetting system which mean that we only vetting system which mean that we only utilise professional training and recruit-ment procedures, for all construction site guards on your site. Our staff arehighly trained to indentify safety hazards and address them with the appropriate site supervisors.

Patrol Dogs

TSG plc can supply security dog(s) and handlers at short notice or on a contract basis, our dogs cover all types of security assignments. A well trained security dog team can be the ultimate detterent and most cost be the ultimate detterent and most cost effective apporach; and can often replace several static officers, or compliment your existing team. All dog handlers are fully conversant and compli-ant with both the 1975 Guard Dogs Act and the Revised 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act.

Event Security

TSG plc has experience in a broad range of Event Management, training and operations.This ranges from world boxing events to con-certs; and from festivals to horse racing events. Furthermore, we have experience in providing stewards who are trained to the highest stand-ard in crowd control for Stadium

1- Crisis & incident management
2- Co-ordinate venue staff & security
3- Communication training
4- Complete brifing and debreifing
5- Conflict management & security awareness
6- Security & search procedure
7- First aid & fully trained medics
8- Improvised explosive device recognition
9- Procedures for suspicious packages/bombs
10-Envents safety managments
11-Safety officer
12-Fast response team
13-Cash handling
14-Traffic management
15-Risk management

Key Holding

Responding to alarm activations in the middle of the night or at inconvenient mo-ments is annoying as well as disruptive. With TSG plc as key holders to your premises, you can be assured that there will always be someone to respond promptly to any alarm, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, a peronnel will attend to your premises in accordance with the Association of Chief Police officers regulationsl withine 20 minutes of an alarm being activated.

Close Protection

Our personnel protection services have a proud and successful history of providing confidential and close protection to high profile VIP’s from the media world of pop music, sport and politics; through to leading figures from business & industry. we
specialise in the protection of our VIP & Celebrity Clients, where our service is second to none. We also pride ourselves on being professional and confidential. Some clients continously hire “Standard” security companies to provide the protection to their key people. This is done due to keeping costs down and NOT looked upon the actual safety of the individual. In this costs should NEVER be an issue; the safety of the VIP should be. Our industry is extremely dangerous due to fact that VIP’s are always in contact with the unknown public; in which standard security guards have no experience or training in the psychological assessing and identifying of potential threats.

Door Supervisors

In relation to Night Clubs and Public Houses, TSG plc supports their customer’s views in distacing themselves from the “Bouncer Image” and as a result has protected its image through good pratice and attention to detail. you will find our
staff are professionally trained and are always smartly dressed, clean, tidy, courteous and helpful to all mem-bers of the public so they are also seen to be approachable. we also work on the principal that our staff are ambassadors for their cus-tomers hence professionalism is of our up-most importance. Every aspect of our team’s performace is monitered, as well as keeping as ongoing record of all incidents, risk assessments and who is working with venus and on which shifts.